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Some internet sites can misrepresent information about their company and products.

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Other things you should know.
When a casino replaces a slot machine it is sold to a broker, who sells to a distributor, who sells to a vendor. There machines are usually not in working order, and must be refurbished. We are a distributor, and we do our own refurbishing. This is how we can keep our prices low. (A broker has a gaming license to purchase the machines, but they do not sell to the public.)
Prices can vary from vendor to vendor even though the machines are the same. The difference is we refurbish our own machines. We do not send them to someone else. When you purchase a slot machine, from us you have the tech support for the life of the machine. Not all vendor's have a DOJ certificate, a copy of this should be posted on their website.

How does "Slot Machine For Sale" differ from the rest?
We are not the only professional slot machine vendor to give you the best in quality and service. Our prices are lower because we don't have the showroom, and we buy direct. We like what we do, and we provide customer support, and we want you to be happy with your new machine. We know slot machines inside and out.

Questions you should ask before you make a purchase.
1. Ask for references
2. Who refurbishes your slot machines?
3. Do you have tech support, after I have bought machine?
Additional information
Quarter machines are best. Avoid dollar machines: costly to fill the hopper. Jammed bills in the acceptor, needs to be cleaned regularly if used heavy. Fifty cent slots are harder on the hopper because of the added weight.

Common technical problems
1.Blow blubs - available at any hardware store, and easily replace. Each machine uses 3 and the replacement cost is around $5 each.
2. The motherboard has a dead battery - you can get it from us or a hardware store, must be fixed with a soldering iron. Or you can ship just the motherboard to us for replacement.
3. If the adhesive holding the reel strip together come apart, using a strong clear tape.
4. Error Codes - They will come up if something is wrong. You will need tech support to know what the error code means and how to fix it.

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